A Referral & Reward Recruitment Platform That Engages Your Employees

Automating the Referral Process and Boosting Your Referral Pipeline!

Advantages of Referral Recruitment

Advantages of ReferraLS

Referrals have a much higher rate of hiring

Referrals have a much higher rate of hiring. This is because your network will only submit candidates they believe fit the role, saving you hours of sorting through resumes to find the qualifying candidates.

1 out of 3
Referrals gets hired

The hiring process and integration is much faster

On average, the hiring process is 30% faster with referrals than with cold sourced candidates. The candidate integration into the company is also much quicker.

30 %

Much higher retention rate of referred candidates

Over 3 years, retention rate of 46% from Referrals VS 14% from career sites. This is because referrals come from your trusted network, who have a much better idea of which type of candidates will fit your organisation and who will thrive in the company.

Retention rate

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How platform works

The Kukatree Process


Create A Community

Kukatree Community Manager Dashboard lets you manage your entire Referrals program. Easily create private and segregated communities of employees, clients and friends. Create jobs, set the Reward and Share the jobs with your Community – let them help you finding for the perfect candidates!


Publish Jobs

Your Communities of Referees will Refer, Email friends and share the branded jobs on Social Networks accessing thousands of potential candidates.
It will boost your Employer Branding and your Employees Engagement.
Kukatree is GDPR compliant – the platform will obtain a written consent of the Referred person before their data is electronically processed.


Receive Referrals, Reward Your Community

Start receiving Referrals into your Dashboard including personal details, CV and Linkedin page.
Thanks to its unique technology, Kukatree will track the provenance of the Referrals (direct and via Social Networks) allowing you to Reward the right person.
Your employees will be motivated to Share on social networks as each candidate from their posts will be considered as a Referral and earn Rewards!


Track the Success of your Referral Campaign

Check the KPI’s and Analytics of your communities, be up to date on your hiring conversion rates, Rewards you paid or have to pay and many other features what will help you boost your Referral program and engage your employees.. 

KukaTree App

The App easily allows your community of referees to share, refer, and track the progress of their referrals.
They will also get pop up notifications for new jobs, status updates, and keeping them posted on any rewards that they have earned!


Kukatree Boosts Your Referral Programme!

Kukatree is a brand new Automated Recruitment Referral platform that helps companies to hire best talent in the most effective and low cost way.

Referrals are known to be the best hires but not used enough, most companies already use an Employee Referral program but it’s done in a manual and laborious way with difficulties to control & track rewards and candidates.

Kukatree was created by 3 Recruitment specialists with the vision to Automate and Simplify the Employee Referral Recruitment.
The platform will Automate the process with its easy to use interface & App, companies can build their own private Communities of Employees, Publish and Share Jobs, receive Referral, Track & Manage Rewards.

Communities can Refer directly or Share on Social Networks, with its unique technology Kukatree will detect the provenance of the Referral.
Employees are Engaged and motivated to Refer more candidates.

Recruiting becomes their second job!!!

Alexandre Mandel
Daniel Naggar
James Wood

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