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Referring candidates has never been easily rolled out to our employees. Thanks to the simple job distribution of KukaTree on social networks, we were able to reach more people and in particular the network of our international employees, and thus recruit a Russian profile that had been hard to source. Thanks to KukaTree it only took us 2 weeks

Aurelie LAMY

Talent Acquision Manager

I referred a former senior colleague to Kukatree, the benefits were manyfold. My colleague found a great new position and was very grateful for this as was his new employer and I received a £ 1,000 referral fee which was a nice touch to compliment a very professional service. Both myself and my former colleague who was placed would use this service again !


Financial Products Sales

Referral Recruitment was a complete success for me: being Referred for the role gave me a deeper view on the company and the feeling of being already pre-qualified for the role. The result was clear as I was better prepared and confident for the interviews with an instant adaptation to the company’s culture. I would definitely use and encourage referral recruitment before any other recruitment method




Communicate with your Communities

Manage your entire program on a seamless interface. Invite employees, partners and friends to join your private communities. Message and interact with one or all Referees, create jobs and set Rewards.

Automatic Job distribution

Your Communities will receive notifications for new posted jobs on the platform. They can Refer, Email friends and share the roles on Social Networks accessing thousands of passive candidates while boosting Employer’s Branding. Applicants sourced from their Social posts will be considered as Referrals!

Track Referrals and Manage Rewards

Receive Referral applications straight to your Dashboard with personal details, CV and Linkedin page. Automatic traceability of the Referral source enabling to Reward the Referee respectively. Full transparency to your employees as they receive automatic updates and can follow their Referral progress on a personal dashboard. They remain engaged and motivated to send more Referrals.

Referral Campaign Analysis

The KPI’s and performance Analytics of your communities will give you access to all the important data such as conversion rates, Rewards paid, Referrals per job and other activities helping you to optimise your program and generate more great candidates. Kukatree is GDPR compliant – the platform will obtain a written consent of the Referred person before their data is electronically processed.

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Higher applicant conversion rate

Employees attract profiles who are better skilled for a role while they already know the company’s culture and work method. Saving hours of sorting through resumes to find the qualified candidates.

1 out of 3

Referrals gets hired

Save on hiring cost

Pay a Reward to the Referee and Save up to 40% on each hire compared to job boards and external recruiters


less costs per hire

Quicker hiring process and fast integration

Hiring process is 30% faster than with cold sourced candidates as Referred candidates have been already pre-qualified by the employees



Referrals have a higher retention rate

Over 3 years, 46% of Referrals hires stay in the company VS 14% from job-boards. Referrals come from your trusted network, who can source candidates with a better fit for the role and will thrive in the company.


Retention rate

KukaTree App

The App easily allows your community of referees to share, refer, and track the progress of their referrals. They will also get pop up notifications for new jobs, status updates, and keeping them posted on any rewards that they have earned!


KukaTree is a Talent Acquisition Platform created by 3 Recruitment specialists with over 40 years of experience and just under 1000 successful hires. They had the vision to Automate and Simplify the Employee Referral programs in organizations turning it to their principal source of hiring.

It will transform an ordinary program into a collaborative hiring tool encouraging internal teams and external partners to become recruiters, turning them to best Brand Ambassadors.

Automating the process means spending less time administrating, better communication, easy Referral tracking, no messy spreadsheets, Employees have easy access to Jobs and can take action immediately as well as Track their Referrals status.

Employees will feel appreciated and Engaged to Refer more candidates.

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