People sitting data analytics
People Analytics and its impact on organizations
In today’s working environment there is an ongoing appetite for HR and Recruitment managers to better understand their internal recruitment processes and their employee’s behavior.   Technology and automation processes help to simplify the process and provide a guideline for most problems. They also provide data and KPI’s that should be used for future decision […]
reopening-asian-girl-cofee shop-coronavirus
Reopening businesses and getting back to work after CoronaVirus

Following the latest lock-down across the world, companies start to slowly reopen their activities trying to get back to normal business operations.   This may prove to be difficult task for some industries as Retail and Hospitality who will need to implement new methods of work respecting the health safety regulation for their employees and […]

Soft skills importance while hiring new employees

Every employer knows that employees are the pillars of the company. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s not about numbers but about quality, attracting those quality workers can be hard. Nowadays, interviews are not enough to properly assess an employee’s skills set. This has led to the creation of assessment tests and predictive recruitment models […]

Top HR trends in 2020

We are almost in mid 2020 and going through uncertain times that the world has never experienced before, while the Covid19 has interrupted normal life and influenced us to change our habits, social meetings and working style.   It is evident that firms are searching for the HR best practices in order to overcome this […]

Innovation, how does it impact our work place?

Innovation goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship and HR. All businesses should adopt this trend and must understand the fundamentals of innovation with its importance and how to leverage it to their  advantage.   Top 3 immediate benefits for companies that implement innovation   Natural motivator and talent finder Once you create an innovative and […]

Is it possible to build a great company culture remotely?

Company culture plays a prominent role as it affects how your employees and customers perceive your organization’s branding. It can also determine how profitable and successful your business will be. When a company is aligned with its core values, its culture will transform employees into brand ambassadors. It will enrich their mental health & well […]

Working from home, does it have a future??

Due to the current events of the Coronavirus outbreak, companies worldwide have set up their employees to work remotely. To close the gap, technologies and other tools have been implemented to facilitate communication and workload organization.     With working from home possibly being the standard for the next months, employees and employers need to […]

Community engagement at the workplace, why is it important

Humankind has always been living in communities and tribes bringing together people with many similarities and common interests. We create them with our friends, families, colleagues and even with people we don’t know but just have a common interest that gives us the motivation to connect. Belonging to a group of people unites us and […]

Teamwork and its challenges during Covid-19

Humans are social animals and civilization itself is the result of the pooled effort of innumerable people over thousands of years. Looking back on examples of human collaboration can help researchers, organizations, and families determine how to maximize teamwork going forward. Team building has 3 main cycles which starts when we need to hire Talent […]

Employee Motivation and Maslow’s Pyramid

Employee motivation plays a crucial role at the workplace and can directly impact organizational success. Motivating your employees needs to be a regular routine. Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivation Motivation is commonly separated into two different types based on the nature of the motivator: Intrinsic (arising from internal factors) or extrinsic (arising from external factors). Incentive […]

Employee mental health at work, why is it important??

Mental Health Issues at the workplace have a direct impact on employees and the Organizations’ performances. In the current employment environment, competition is very high and companies expect their work force to have bigger achievements and take on more responsibilities. The result can lead to high stress levels that  impact the well being of the […]

Retain Employees or Let Them Go?

Is it better let employees go and hire new ones or actually engage them harder so they are retained for long?? In today’s fast-paced market, retaining top talent is a big challenge for most companies According to a new research done among 600 US businesses with 50 to 500 employees, 63.3% of companies say retaining […]

The New Employment Landscape

New working practices and improvements in communication tools have changed the employment landscape. Companies change the way they employ and engage their personnel, spreading their work force everywhere in the world optimising costs and skills using technology to remain connected. Another trend is the flexibility afforded to each workforce, as more companies let their staff […]

Rewards and Incentives
The Most Effective Employee Referral Rewards and Incentives?

Have you ever wondered what the most effective employee Referral Rewards and incentives are to get the most from your referral scheme? Your first point of call is making your company a great place to work and develop. This will naturally encourage others to promote opportunities to others. Great employee referral programs and rewards are […]

Army of Recruiters Employee Referral Recruitment
What’s Better Than One Recruiter…. an Army of Recruiters!

When you engage an agency recruiter to source candidates for you, there are a number of factors in play:   How well does the recruiter know the firm? It’s all well and good to have a job description and be able to talk about technical aspects of the job with confidence… But it’s crucial for […]

Looking Forward to UNLEASH Spring 2020

After a great week in October meeting clients, and new leads at Unleash Paris, we are already looking ahead to Unleash Spring 2020 at the London Excel. Employee Referrals are the growing trend. More and more people we speak to are starting to see the value in their own employees for their recruitment process. If […]

Most Companies have Referral Schemes, but are they Engaging?

70% of companies have employee referral schemes and are as a majority run in house. The problem with many Employee Referral programs is that they are too formal, not actionable, lack communication with the employees, employees are not even aware of how to make a referral, and often don’t have a real feedback about their […]

Increasing Brand Awareness with Referrals

One huge hurdle facing hiring managers in small to mid-size businesses, is brand awareness. Talent professionals in SMBs say that “Lack of awareness or interest in their employer brand“is one of their top 5 challenges they expect to face in hiring. The top 3 channels to extend the employer brand are company Website, Social Media, and online Professional […]