Increasing Brand Awareness with Referrals

One huge hurdle facing hiring managers in small to mid-size businesses, is brand awareness.

Talent professionals in SMBs say that “Lack of awareness or interest in their employer brandis one of their top 5 challenges they expect to face in hiring.

The top 3 channels to extend the employer brand are company Website, Social Media, and online Professional Networks.1


Job seekers are more and more putting a large emphasis on understanding the brand, its credibility, and what it’s like to work in a company before taking the plunge.


“88% of millennials believe that being part of the right company culture is very important and 78% of people will look into a company’s reputation as an employer before applying for a job”2



Whilst improving website content, blogs, and overall landscape of the company is vitally important, one step that can be easily simplified is the outreach, and visibility of your brand.


Increasing the brand awareness doesn’t have to be a costly experience. Very easily, companies can leverage off their own employees to push their brand within their professional networks and social media outlets. This helps the company to get to a much larger audience.


A referral platformcan help to boost your brand awareness. Giving your employees a simple solution to share company jobs, re-tweet interesting company posts, and refer friends to your firm, adds a large amount of credibility to your brand, and also engages your employees to be a larger part of the overall company process.


“79% of job seekers are likely to use some form of social media in their search2.”


Companies with a stronger employer brand benefit from an average of 43% cost reduction per hire, and will attract 50% more qualified candidates2.


It’s easy to see the benefits of expanding the employer brand, and utilising social media to grow your target audience!



Article by:

James Wood




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