Innovation, how does it impact our work place?

Innovation goes hand in hand with entrepreneurship and HR. All businesses should adopt this trend and must understand the fundamentals of innovation with its importance and how to leverage it to their  advantage.


Top 3 immediate benefits for companies that implement innovation


  1. Natural motivator and talent finder

Once you create an innovative and collaborative atmosphere within your organizational culture, the benefits will be apparent. Your employees are motivated to participate in their company’s and disseminate information. internal referral program

  1. Finding answers to difficult problems

How many times have we been stuck on a problem and wanted to ask someone else about their opinion? It is in our nature to share thoughts and ideas. This also creates a sense of community which acts as a prominent factor for long term engagement. Encouraging innovation opens the door for limitless new product ideas and ways to add value.

  1. Encouraging cross-functional collaboration

Every employee possesses a different range of skills. Using cross-functional collaboration, a group of people coming from a different functional expertise coming together to work toward a common goal the organization can come up with groundbreaking product/service ideas. Some benefits of having a cross functional team include:

  1. Increased problem-solving capability
  2. Enhanced receptiveness
  3. Quick decision-making process
  4. Decreased problem-solving time
  5. Engaging employee participation
  6. Increased knowledge sharing


How does Innovation affect the HR world??

Innovation also plays a significant role in improving HR procedures. Humanizing HR technology means HR professionals spend less time managing long administrative work but the benefits don’t stop there.

Reducing your overall workload through process automation will indirectly benefit your company in other domains. Some of which include, increasing effectiveness of talent management and workforce diversification as well as overall cost reduction.

Your organization should also experiment with radical innovation and change. Some of the greatest business-related innovations came from people thinking outside the box and not following the current.


5 key procedures innovation can improve in organizations

  1. Enhancing the efficiency of employee referral programs
  2. Finding which reward system works best for your organization
  3. Automation of payroll systems and employee attendance
  4. Efficient methods of maximizing employee training
  5. Bringing employees and employers together


To reach those goals a company needs to educate its employees and encourage innovation in the workplace in 5 steps:


  1. Encourage out of the box thinking

Creating brainstorming sessions for idea generation, online and offline workshops as well as organizing meetings.

  1. Incentivize the process

Providing incentives for innovation is a great way to ‘get the word out’ within your organization as well as encourage employees to partake in the process.

  1. Accepting failure

Innovation is all about learning from mistakes, hence the saying “Failure is part of innovation”. Employees should not be discouraged when their idea does not work out, encourage them to try again.

  1. Implement it in the core values

Most organizational processes take time to implement and show results but if your organization wishes to start innovating, they should inherit the process for the long run.

  1. Celebrating milestones

Setting milestones can help with visualizing the process and setting goals. Then, the success in innovation should be rewarded. The result will impact the motivation levels high and ideas flowing.


Automation and innovative processes can be very beneficial to implement but managers should not forget to keep the personal human contact with all employees in order to maintain the sense of a belonging community and culture.

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