Most Companies have Referral Schemes, but are they Engaging?

70% of companies have employee referral schemes and are as a majority run in house.

The problem with many Employee Referral programs is that they are too formal, not actionable, lack communication with the employees, employees are not even aware of how to make a referral, and often don’t have a real feedback about their Referrals & Rewards!!

keeping on top of reporting, updating your individual employees, and the candidates can be a heavy work load.

Manual actions lead to employees being less engaged.  This could be having to log on to intranet to see a job; having to email HR for an update on their candidate; being unable to see jobs and workflows on their phones…

In order for employees to be the best possible recruiters, they need everything at their fingertips!

Today’s employee needs all information to be readily available and accessible on many different platforms.
They need to be getting updates without having to ask and they need to be able to view, share, and refer in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Pop up notifications, update emails, reward updates, visual performance tracking…. all of these things can really help to keep your employees motivated to be involved in the program.

An outsourced employee referral recruitment platform can take away all of these headaches for a HR manager. Most outsourced platforms can easily integrate with HRICS platforms. They can also be automated and add no additional work to the talent sourcing process.




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