Soft skills importance while hiring new employees

Every employer knows that employees are the pillars of the company. In today’s competitive business environment, it’s not about numbers but about quality, attracting those quality workers can be hard.

Nowadays, interviews are not enough to properly assess an employee’s skills set. This has led to the creation of assessment tests and predictive recruitment models that help to receive another perspective of the person.



For every role different skills are required but there are also the global skills that employers are looking to find. Those skills cannot really be detected with just an interview as recruiting managers don’t pay much attention to the importance of those skills.

7 most common Soft skill:

  • ·        Time management
  • ·        Communication and Relationship
  • ·        Flexibility
  • ·        Adaptability
  • ·        Problem solving
  • ·        Work ethics
  • ·        Leadership


A difficult task when interviewing candidates is to know if they would fit in your company culture, get along with the teams, would they perform well, and of course how long they would stay.

To minimize the risk when hiring, there are a few ways to detect soft skills in your candidates.

  1. Ask them to identify their top 5 soft skills

A very popular method is to let the candidate rank the personality traits he thinks are most important. Furthermore it can help the interviewer spot if the candidate is being honest.

  1. Test them with real life scenarios

Present a real life business scenario to your candidate. Ask them how they would deal in such a situation. Through this method, you can identify the character that reflects in his story and assess them on their actions. You can structure the question based on the skills you would like to identify.

  1. Meet the team

Introduce them to the employees of your team with whom they might be working with. You will be able to assess immediately if they have a good bonding and share the same vision.

  1. Assessment tests

Give your candidate an assessment test to analyze and detect their soft skills looking at different aspect of their character such as motivation, leaderships, ambition and others. Compare it with the results of your current workforce to understand if there is a fit.

  1. Body language

While the interviews pay great attention to the body language of your candidate in different situations, the way he/she reacts to your questions, how they describe themselves and above all when they talk about their motivation. Reading body language helps to predict their Interpersonal compatibility with other employees in your firm.

4 top benefits of detecting Soft Skills in candidates:

1. Boost Teamwork and Culture

When hiring alike people with similar characters they tend to work together better and more efficiently joining forces and resolving problems quickly.

2. Retention rate increase

Once your teams are well synced and enjoy the work together, they remain in your firm and have less chance to leave. This also helps to lower the recruitment costs significantly as you don’t need to replace anyone but just hire new staff for growth.

3. Improves Leaderships

Let your people excel at work, guide them to the path for leadership’s positions. They would then delegate other people and hence the company can grow. Good management helps to retain talent as 50% of employees leave their job due to poor management.

4. Attract new Talent

If your employees are compatible and work well together, they are engages and happy to stay and develop within the firm. As a result your employer brand is stronger making it easier to attract new talent to join your teams.



Employees are the most valuable assets for a company and therefore we should select them well.

Many important skills we are looking for in candidate are not necessarily directly related to the technical experience of the role but more to the character of that person.

Those interpersonal skills will be important for critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, management, negotiation, communication, taking initiative and leadership.

Self Assessment test is one of the strongest tools leveraging technology to enhance your chances to hire your next best Talent!

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