Teamwork and its challenges during Covid-19

Humans are social animals and civilization itself is the result of the pooled effort of innumerable people over thousands of years. Looking back on examples of human collaboration can help researchers, organizations, and families determine how to maximize teamwork going forward.

Team building has 3 main cycles which starts when we need to hire Talent and build a team, then each team member needs to understand its role and added value while working with colleagues And at last, to maintain and grow the team for maximum productivity.

 Top 6 benefits of working in a team?

  1.       Dividing workload helps you grow your professional competencies
  2.       Teamwork acts as a catalyst for inspiration and innovation
  3.       Accelerates brainstorming and problem solving
  4.       Increases the Happiness level of employees
  5.       Teamwork promotes cross-functional collaboration
  6.       Better results in a shorter period of time


It can be challenging during the first days to focus while working from home but sticking to your schedule and duties will ease the transition between office and home. As a result, Employers have a bigger challenge as they need to make sure their employees have the technology set up as well as motivate them regularly to make sure they are engaged.


7 tips to maximize productivity working from home

  1.       Be consistent with your working schedule
  2.       Get dressed
  3.       Check your technology set up
  4.       Create a small office space
  5.       Set distractions aside
  6.       Be in touch on a daily basis with colleagues/employer
  7.       Take small breaks every 2 hours


During the hard times of Covid-19 most companies are working remotely which makes it important for us to stay close to our core values and continue our work regularly. Thanks to modern technology, we can communicate easily with our teams and keep in contact regularly with all employees.

to do that, employers need to clearly communicate their expectations towards their employees to avoid misunderstandings and under performance.

5 communication tips for employers

  1. Assign responsibilities and goals to employees and make sure they are comfortable with them
  2. Use project management software to oversee their progress in real time
  3. Remain connected and available for communication any time
  4. Pay attention to para-verbal language
  5. At least once a week conduct a social video call with the team


In times of crisis as we are experiencing now, employers and employees need to feel confident and support each other maintaining a team spirit. Going through this period will determine the long term engagement and productivity of the company.

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