The New Employment Landscape

New working practices and improvements in communication tools have changed the employment landscape. Companies change the way they employ and engage their personnel, spreading their work force everywhere in the world optimising costs and skills using technology to remain connected.

Another trend is the flexibility afforded to each workforce, as more companies let their staff work remotely from home saving significant costs on office space and giving the employees more freedom to manage their time giving them a better balance in their work and personal lives which is very important for the employee wellbeing.

In addition, with the growth of the gig economy and more skilled individuals preferring to work as freelancers, we see a huge increase of freelancing demand with new platforms developing such as that offers a marketplace for companies looking for freelancers to do specific work for them in any sector.

I attended a Talent Attraction and Retention workshop with Spinks recently where Sara Bresler claimed that: “Companies don’t pick Talent anymore, Talent picks them”

75% of candidates research about a firm’s reputation and employer brand before they actually apply for a job and since Social Media has entered the employment world access to this information is widely available.

Companies invest heavily in cool trendy offices with amenities as never seen before, team bonding trips, attending large events, corporate parties, introducing new products. These are all efforts to raise and boost their employer branding to retain employees and share their happiness with friends and Social Media attracting external talent to join the company.

Employees are employer’s best Brand Ambassadors!

In today’s new competitive employment market, companies must rely on current employees to help source qualified candidates for open roles. Employee referrals are important for companies, since they have been referred by an employee, they already know the company culture, share values, skills, work ethics.

Talent brings Talent!!

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