Top HR trends in 2020

We are almost in mid 2020 and going through uncertain times that the world has never experienced before, while the Covid19 has interrupted normal life and influenced us to change our habits, social meetings and working style.


It is evident that firms are searching for the HR best practices in order to overcome this period, adapting to new working methods and get back to full productivity.


Top 5 Human Resources trends impacting the workplace:


  1. Employee mental health

This has become a crucial subject that pops up often as employers realize that the wellbeing of their workers affects efficiency and drives long term growth. As an employer you should never overlook this subject as it is often one of the root causes organizational stagnation and low retention levels.


  1. Automation of HR technology

The future of HR technology lies in automation, keeping up with market changes and staying on top of innovation is key to succeed in the long term. Companies must monitor and research the best automation methods for each HR function, including: payroll, pensions and benefits, employee engagement, reports, forms etc etc…


  1. HR Innovation labs

HR managers need to participate more often in the creation of HR innovation labs such as Hackathons and group brainstorming sessions.

The result can massively help a company to shape core values, working culture and create new ideas to tackle issues.


  1. HR and Social Media

The link between HR and social media is an ever-growing trend as it is one of the best marketing methods to promote Human Resources processes and learn more about competitors.

Furthermore, it will help to increase the company’s public visibility, boost Employer’s Brand, support employee performance and showcase success.


  1. Remote working

In a global survey 83% of employees said they would rather choose a job with remote working options. This work method is not a new trend anymore, it is here to stay and become a requirement for workers looking to have more freedom in their personal lives.

For an organization it has a big impact on the employee engagement, retention and ability to attract new talent. Managers should provide flexible work schedules to ensure long term employee motivation.



To sum up, we collected the 5 main key points we think are most important, it is up to each firm to detect and understand where it can bring value to it’s workforce.

HR is a constant moving space that involves people who are a company’s best and most precious asset. In order to guarantee a high level of retention and growth, organizations should always have their employees as a top priority and look after them in any situation.






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