What’s Better Than One Recruiter…. an Army of Recruiters!

When you engage an agency recruiter to source candidates for you, there are a number of factors in play:


  1. How well does the recruiter know the firm?

It’s all well and good to have a job description and be able to talk about technical aspects of the job with confidence… But it’s crucial for the recruiter to be able to paint a picture of the work environment, the team dynamics, and the aspects of the job that are not written on the job description.


  1. How loyal is that recruiter to your firm? Are they also sending the candidates they source to your competitors?


  1. How much of a network does the recruiter have in the fieldd of your desired candidate? Many recruiters have thin networks across multiple industry verticals, and often not so deep into specific areas.


  1. How long will it take the recruiter from engaging them, through to getting the job public and sourcing candidates?


  1. How many recruiters will put dedicated time to your search?


Now think about these questions, and replace your agency recruiter with one of your employees…


  1. They know the firm better than anyone!
  2. They are unlikely to promote their own competitors!
  3. Their network of contacts within their own industry is likely to be targeted and vast!
  4. They can share your job to their network instantly!
  5. You have the entire company to help you!


Getting a killer Employee Referral Platform will mobilise your army of recruiters and make recruitment their second job!


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