Community engagement at the workplace, why is it important

Humankind has always been living in communities and tribes bringing together people with many similarities and common interests.

We create them with our friends, families, colleagues and even with people we don’t know but just have a common interest that gives us the motivation to connect.

Belonging to a group of people unites us and gives us the opportunities to interact with like-minded people, exchange information with them and share ideas helping us to reach our personal goals.


How to build strong Communities in 6 steps?

  1. Be purpose driven and define the purpose.
  2. Keep your focus on your interest and your members.
  3. Be deliberate in your decisions about a community and its culture.
  4. Find tools and strategies that support communities as social media/networks
  5. Involve and nurture your members.
  6. Empower your members.


Building and maintaining Communities at the work place has become more and more significant over the last decade, especially since social media got involved and competition for talent increased.

They also let employers connect with their employee sharing information professionally related but also on personal and social level such as passions, travels, interest, sports etc etc…

The communities at work are usually leveraged with a social media tools such as LinkedIn to unite everyone and share content.


Studies show 3 main benefits:

  1. Employees working in companies that are socially responsible with strong community ethics have been shown to be much happier and have the sense of belonging to feel secured.
  2. Demonstrating social responsibility in a company is a key driver of employee engagement and retention.
  3.  Engaging employees even when working from different locations helping in Mental Health.

How do Communities help in the working environment:

  1. Productivity and efficiency in the company

  2. Higher employee development, performance, and growth

  3. Boost in Employee loyalty and retention

  4. Increases Employer’s branding


Companies build communities to attract customers which can completely set a business apart from every other company in the field using digital tools leveraging content and followers.

It can redefine markets building loyal customers, but also giving them a sense of belonging and connect with a brand to become loyal customers.

Organization should not neglect their employees and make sure they create the strong tribe spirit at the workplace and most important to maintain it.


Engaged employees lead to happy customers and high revenues!!


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